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Could a Democrat Actually Win in Walton County?

The question on everyone's lips these days is whether the unthinkable could become reality: Could a Democrat actually win in Walton County?

The notion may seem preposterous to some, given our county's staunch conservative history.

After all, didn't 80% of us vote for Trump in the last election?But before we dismiss the idea outright, let's take a closer look at the numbers.

Sure, on the surface, it may seem like an uphill battle, with registered Republicans outnumbering Democrats by a significant margin.

But here's the thing: not everyone wears their political affiliation on their sleeve.

Many Democrats in our midst are masquerading as Republicans, simply because that's where the action is when it comes to County Commissioner races.

And let's not forget our county's colorful political past. Back in the day, being a Democrat was the norm around here.

Sure, they weren't exactly bleeding-heart liberals, but they were proud Southern Democrats, steeped in tradition and heritage.

It wasn't until the late '90s that folks started jumping ship to the Republican side of things, but old habits die hard, and some of that Democratic spirit still lingers in the air.

Take John Walton, for example, a veritable political historian who knows the ins and outs of Walton County like the back of his hand.

He'll tell you that party labels don't mean much these days.

The parties have evolved over time, and what it means to be a Democrat or a Republican today is vastly different from what it meant decades ago.

So, could a Democrat win a Walton County Commissioner race?

It's not as far-fetched as it may seem. While we may not be ready for far-left liberal policies just yet, stranger things have happened in the world of politics.

So don't be surprised if you see a donkey riding high in the next election. After all, in politics, anything is possible.

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