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Citizen Todd Roark Calls for Federal Investigation and Homeland Security Intervention Regarding Walton County Website

In a recent post on social media, local resident Todd Roark has raised concerns about the perceived inadequacy of local protection agencies and called for a federal investigation into the activities of the website

Roark is urging for intervention from the Office of Homeland Security, coupled with a request for national media attention to shed light on the matter.

Expressing a need to transcend county and state boundaries, Roark emphasized the importance of seeking authoritative intervention beyond local jurisdictions.

He called on individuals who have experienced or are currently living in fear to unite and collectively demand change.

Roark proposes a community town hall, excluding elected officials, where citizens can unite and advocate for effective representation.

Roark's post encourages those who have spoken or attempted to speak at recent Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meetings to seek legal representation and address any infringements on their right to freely speak.

He specifically urges individuals to consider legal actions against individual commissioners rather than targeting county citizens or taxpayers.

In a call to action, Roark highlights the necessity of national media attention and federal investigations to address the issues at hand.

He calls upon individuals with connections to reach out and facilitate the necessary steps for a comprehensive inquiry.

As part of Roark's initiative, a petition of support for his cause has been established. Citizens are urged to fill out the petition to demonstrate their backing for the call for federal intervention and increased scrutiny of the website stands committed to aiding citizens like Todd Roark in their efforts for public outreach.

Todd's call for a federal investigation and national media attention is a cause we pledge to support.

Reach out to us for assistance in amplifying your voice and addressing concerns.

Together, let's champion transparency and positive change in Walton County.

Call to Action:

Support Todd Roark's call for a federal investigation and intervention by the Office of Homeland Security.

Fill out the petition to demonstrate your support for addressing concerns related to this matter via this website here:

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