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Chuck Wilder Announces Candidacy for District 3 County Commissioner in Walton County


[WALTON COUNTY, FL] – Today marks a momentous occasion for the residents of Walton County as Chuck Wilder, a dedicated advocate and community leader, officially declares his candidacy for District 3 County Commissioner.

With his unwavering commitment to the betterment of Walton County, Chuck Wilder's announcement signals a new era of progress and prosperity for our beloved community.

Sign the Petition of Support for Chuck Wilder


"Today is truly a great day to be from Walton County," exclaimed supporters as Chuck Wilder unveiled his decision to run for County Commissioner.

Known for his exceptional intellect, forward-thinking approach, and profound love for our county, Chuck Wilder embodies the qualities of a true leader who will tirelessly champion the interests of Walton County residents.

As a technology-driven individual with a deep-seated passion for Walton County's welfare, Chuck Wilder has garnered widespread admiration and respect among his peers.

His extensive involvement in community initiatives and unwavering dedication to fostering innovation make him an ideal candidate to represent the diverse needs of District 3 constituents.

"We are proud to throw our full support behind Chuck Wilder," stated representatives from

"His vision for our county's future aligns seamlessly with our mission to promote transparency, accountability, and progress.

With Chuck at the helm, we are confident that Walton County will continue to thrive and flourish."

In addition to's endorsement, a grassroots citizen group has already launched a petition campaign to demonstrate widespread support for Chuck Wilder's candidacy.

Residents are encouraged to sign the petition, expressing their backing for Chuck's campaign and commitment to his vision for Walton County's future.

"We recognize the courage it takes for individuals like Chuck Wilder to step forward and offer themselves for public service," remarked a spokesperson for the citizens of Walton County group.

"By signing the petition of support, we can show our appreciation and encouragement for Chuck's decision to run for County Commissioner."

Chuck Wilder's campaign invites all residents to familiarize themselves with his platform and engage with him directly to learn more about his vision for Walton County's future.

With Chuck Wilder's leadership, Walton County is poised for continued success and prosperity.

Sign the Petition of Support for Chuck Wilder


About Chuck Wilder: Chuck Wilder is a dedicated community leader and advocate for progress in Walton County. With a background in technology and a deep love for his community, Chuck is committed to serving the residents of District 3 as their County Commissioner, prioritizing transparency, innovation, and inclusive representation.

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