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Charles Galloway takes Heavy Criticism for Support of Customary Use

In a recent revelation, Walton County District Five County Commissioner candidate Charles Galloway finds himself under heavy criticism for his unwavering support of customary use.

Galloway, who rose to prominence in 2018 for his vocal advocacy of customary use, is once again facing backlash for his stance against private beaches and his promotion of restoring customary use rights.

Despite facing criticism in the past, Galloway seems undeterred as he continues to challenge powerful figures and wealthy landowners whom he believes have sold out the county.

However, this time, the pressure seems to be coming not only from external sources but also from close friends and family who are reportedly urging him to reconsider his outspoken position.

Coming from a prominent 30A family with deep roots in Grayton Beach and old Seagrove, Galloway's familial ties may play a significant role in his political ambitions.

With his family's support potentially hanging in the balance, Galloway's continued defiance could strain these relationships.

In response to the criticism, Galloway remains steadfast in his belief that the beaches were unjustly taken from the people and that those responsible must be held accountable.

He refuses to back down, emphasizing that some causes are worth fighting for, even if it means facing opposition from those closest to him.

Galloway's determination to fight for what he believes in, despite the potential consequences, underscores his commitment to the cause of customary use.

Whether he will ultimately prevail or face defeat remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Charles Galloway is not willing to compromise on his principles, even if it means standing alone in the face of adversity.

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Then why hasn’t he pushed to declare Eminent Domain? This problem could be solved today by doing so with a reasonable swath of beach for the public to traverse and sit on.

Replying to

You don't declare Eminent Domain, it's a very long and costly process for all parties involved. Perhaps those of you that have moved here in the midst of the Customery Use battle should educate yourself about it, how we got here and what the actual remedies are to reverse this.

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