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Celebrating Community Harmony: Huck and Lily Nominated for Best Songwriting Duo at the Inaugural WalCo Awards

In the serene backdrop of 30A, amidst the picturesque views and vibrant community spirit, a musical duo has emerged as a beacon of creativity, unity, and joy.

Huck and Lily, known for their enchanting performances at the Seaside amphitheater, have become more than just musicians; they've become symbols of what it means to bring a community together through art.

It's with great excitement that we announce their nomination for Best Songwriting Duo of the Year at the inaugural WalCo Awards.

This nomination, while highlighting their exceptional talent in songwriting, also underscores their remarkable personalities and the indelible impact they've made on our community.

As someone who has spent countless hours inspired by the magic of their concerts, I can attest to the transformative experience of witnessing Huck and Lily perform.

Their concerts are not just musical events; they are gatherings that showcase the love and unity of our community.Huck and Lily's influence extends beyond the melodies and lyrics of their songs.

They have become treasured neighbors in our 30A community, crafting experiences that remind us of the joy and simplicity of coming together in appreciation of art and each other.

Their ability to draw people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life is a testament to the universal appeal and importance of their work.

Their concerts are a microcosm of what the world could be—a place where joy, music, and community coalesce into something truly beautiful.

In my role with and as an advocate for the John Walton movement, I've found inspiration in the way Huck and Lily connect with their audience and foster a sense of belonging.

Their artistry is a guiding light for how I envision the future of our community: inclusive, vibrant, and united.As we approach the WalCo Awards, Huck and Lily stand as frontrunners not only for the Songwriting Duo of the Year but potentially for other accolades, such as Songwriter of the Year and even Citizen of the Year.

Their nominations reflect their significant contributions to the fabric of Walton County and the hearts of those who reside here.

To those who have yet to experience a Huck and Lily concert, I urge you to do so. It's more than a musical performance; it's an invitation to witness the power of community and the beauty of shared joy.

Their concerts are a reminder of how we should strive to interact with one another—with kindness, enthusiasm, and a collective spirit.

Let us congratulate Huck and Lily on their well-deserved nominations.

They embody the essence of what the WalCo Awards aim to celebrate: excellence, creativity, and community impact.

As we await the outcomes of the democratic process in June, let us also take a moment to appreciate the magic that Huck and Lily bring to Walton County, inspiring us all to build a more connected, harmonious community.

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