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Cecilia Jones: Former County Commissioner Admits Faults and Expresses Regrets for John Walton's Genesis

True Leaders admit when they make a mistake and Cecilia Jones is clearly no different.

In a surprising turn of events, former County Commissioner Cecilia Jones has stepped forward to acknowledge her role in the creation of writer John Walton.

Jones, who was once Walton's kindergarten teacher, has admitted to not only teaching him how to read and write but also instilling in him a love for history, literature, and art.

However, her influence didn't stop there.

Jones has confessed to being the first to discipline Walton physically, utilizing corporal punishment as a means of maintaining order in the classroom.

"I definitely wore his little behind out," Jones remarked, reflecting on her disciplinary tactics.

"Maybe I should have disciplined him more firmly."

While Jones expressed regret over Walton's continued use of colorful language, she also asserted her belief in the efficacy of corporal punishment.

"Every now and then, he's still got a potty mouth," Jones lamented.

"If he doesn't tone it down, I might have to pay him a visit in The Bahamas and wash his mouth out with soap."

Despite the controversy surrounding her methods, Jones remains steadfast in her belief that corporal punishment is a vital tool in instilling discipline and respect in young minds.

"Friendly reminder," she concluded, "corporal punishment is okay, and God bless Walton County for instilling the values that we hold dear in this country and shaping our future leaders.

Thank you, Cecilia Jones!

John Walton is FOREVER in your debt 😘

John Walton

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