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[Breaking News] - Citizens Group Launches Brad Drake Survey

DeFuniak Springs, FL – A newly formed citizens group has announced the launch of a survey aimed at gauging public support for County Commissioner Brad Drake.

The group, motivated by concerns over Drake's recent political actions and overall public sentiment, is seeking to understand how many people actually support the commissioner.

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One member of the organizing group stated, "We felt this survey is really necessary. Too often in these elections, we don't get a true sense of how much people actually like the candidate until election day. In this case, Brad Drake was not elected; he was appointed. If someone has no chance of winning, they need to get off the ballot to avoid unnecessary stress for themselves, the public, and their family. Election cycles are rough, and it's just the nature of the beast. People need to know now, including Brad."

The group is also curious about the reasons behind any support for Drake, given the controversies surrounding his tenure. "Brad Drake seems to be the poster boy for corruption or just unethical behavior by elected officials.

If anyone is supporting him, we want to know why. This is literally about citizens asking fellow citizens.

If you are supporting him, why are you supporting him?" said a spokesperson for the group.

The survey will address several issues, including:

- Drake's involvement in the passage of HB631, which has been criticized for giving away the county's beaches.

- His alleged dual employment with the Florida Department of Transportation and as a county commissioner.

- Recent government actions taken by Drake that appear to benefit private contractors.

"Brad Drake's actions raise serious ethical questions. Holding two state jobs at the same time is questionable, and his decisions seem to favor private interests over the public good.

We want to understand why anyone would support him," added the spokesperson.

The group emphasizes that participation in the survey is voluntary.

However, they believe that even a small sample size of around 100 participants can provide an accurate reading of public opinion in Walton County.

The results of the survey will be posted once available.

For more information and to participate in the survey, visit:

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

About Citizens of Walton County

Citizens of Walton County is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior in local government. We believe in the power of informed citizenry and strive to provide the public with the tools and information necessary to hold their elected officials accountable.

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