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Brad Drake Schools Dan Curry at BCC Meeting

Dan Curry learned a little lesson in politics today: if you're a candidate, don’t show up at the BCC meeting, or risk getting owned by Brad Drake.

Yes, you read that right. Brad Drake, who normally shows his ass at these meetings, managed to pull off a win today.

And he didn’t do it alone; he had the help of Donna Johns and Tony Anderson.

To quote one citizen, "Dan definitely got a good ol' boy political schooling today."

Curry walked right into the trap, which probably explains why he started yelling obscenities from the seats.

It was hard to hear, but you could catch him shouting something along the lines of "F" Freeport and Walton County can suck it.

Real classy, Dan.

Meanwhile, Brad Drake was seen mumbling something under his breath, possibly bragging about how he was proud to have stolen the beaches from Walton County when he was in the legislature.

Because, you know, that's something to be proud of.

What's hilarious here is that Brad Drake and Dan Curry seem to be in a fierce competition over who can be the biggest loser.

Dan Curry, who accuses everyone of corruption, likely because he wishes he could engage in it himself, is so clueless he wouldn't recognize corruption if it bit him.

And then there's Brad Drake, the poster boy for corruption, who gave away our beaches.

So, who’s the biggest loser here?

Brad, for his grand act of beach theft?

Or Dan, for showing up at a BCC meeting as a candidate only to yell obscenities and act like a fool?

Either way, it’s going to be funny watching both of them tumble down the political rabbit hole.

In the end, Walton County might not be better off for having these two clowns in the race, but at least we get some comic relief out of it.


John Walton

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Just remember Tony Anderson helped Don Gaetz privatize the beaches. Hmmm wonder why you never call him out? is a cover for all the rich people that want the beaches private.

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