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Brad Drake and Donna John's Mob: Politically Clueless and Hypocritical

The recent events involving Brad Drake and the Donna John's Mob have once again highlighted their political ineptitude and hypocrisy.

In a misguided attempt to push their agenda, they have resorted to playing the gender card and injecting DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) politics into the proceedings.

However, their actions demonstrate a clear lack of understanding of Walton County's history and values.

During the recent meeting, Brad Drake and Donna John's supporters attempted to paint Walton County as behind the times and argued for a woman chairman based solely on gender.

However, their argument ignores the historical reality of Walton County's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Dating back to the early 1900s, Walton County has been a pioneer in appointing women to positions of leadership.

Celia Adkinson's appointment as sheriff in 1938, only the second woman to hold such a position in Florida, is just one example of Walton County's progressive history.

Additionally, Sara Comander and Cecilia Jones served as chairpersons of the Board of County Commissioners, chosen for their qualifications rather than their gender.

Despite this rich history, Brad Drake and Donna John's supporters continue to push their own agenda of identity politics.

Their attempt to inject DEI politics into the proceedings is not only hypocritical but also demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of Walton County's values.

By advocating for inclusion based on race or gender rather than qualifications, they undermine the principles of meritocracy and perpetuate divisiveness.

Their failure to recognize Walton County's history and values only serves to highlight their political cluelessness and hypocrisy.

In conclusion, Brad Drake and the Donna John's Mob have once again shown their inability to understand Walton County's history and values.

Their misguided attempts to play the gender card and inject identity politics into the proceedings only serve to undermine the democratic process and further divide the community.

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