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Boots McCormick Surges in District One: Dan Curry's "Suck It" Remark Backfires

In the ever-unpredictable landscape of Walton County politics, we've witnessed some astonishing developments in the race for District One County Commissioner. Just when you thought someone couldn't outdo Boots McCormick in sheer absurdity, along comes Dan Curry with a Facebook proclamation that defies belief.

Curry's ill-advised declaration, made in a moment of apparent hubris, has sent shockwaves through the community. In a now-infamous post, he brazenly announced his intention to punish the residents of DeFuniak Springs for what he perceives as insufficient tax contributions.

His proposed punishment?

Shutting down public parks, a restaurant, and even a swimming pool – all because, in his opinion, they don't pay enough taxes.

The sheer audacity and shortsightedness of Curry's statement have left many scratching their heads and wondering if such a move is even within the realm of possibility.

It's a move that not only defies logic but also basic decency.

Yet, amidst the chaos and disbelief, Boots McCormick has emerged as an unlikely beneficiary.

Despite his penchant for gaffes and moments of questionable judgment, McCormick has seen a surge in the polls, catapulting him into second place in the District One race.

With Trey Nick maintaining a commanding lead, Curry's chances have plummeted to a dismal 0.6%, while McCormick now holds a 0.8% chance of victory.

It's a remarkable turn of events that underscores the fickle nature of politics and the power of a well-timed blunder.

As we navigate the twists and turns of the County Commissioner race, one thing remains clear: Dan Curry's "suck it" remark may go down in history as one of the most baffling and self-defeating moments in Walton County political history.

Stay tuned to Walco for further updates and insights into this unfolding saga.

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