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Booting Boots McCormick: A Bar Tab Too Steep for Citizens

Updated: Mar 31

Walton County citizens are reaching their breaking point, and it's not just because of soaring taxes or crumbling infrastructure.

No, their outrage is directed squarely at Commissioner Boots McCormick and his exorbitant bar tab, which has become a burden too heavy for taxpayers to bear.

Boots McCormick, as he's affectionately known (or not-so-affectionately, depending on who you ask), is quickly becoming the poster child for one-term commissioners.

It's not just his inability to string together a coherent sentence that's irking citizens—it's his flagrant disregard for fiscal responsibility and basic decency.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Boots McCormick has been caught red-handed multiple times, using his county PCard to fund his late-night drinking escapades. And that's not all.

We've already footed the bill for one hefty sexual harassment settlement to the tune of $220,000.

One would think that would be a wake-up call, but alas, McCormick seems impervious to such lessons.

Now, he's embroiled in yet another scandal, another potential lawsuit looming on the horizon. It's a pattern of behavior that's as predictable as it is reprehensible.

Every time McCormick bellies up to the bar, taxpayers are left holding the tab, a tab that's skyrocketing into the stratosphere.

But it's not just about the money. It's about the safety and well-being of our community. McCormick's actions suggest a troubling pattern of behavior—one that reeks of predatory intent and abuse of power.

It's a stain on the integrity of our local government, and it's high time for citizens to take a stand.

So here's a call to action: demand accountability. Call for McCormick's resignation, or better yet, petition the governor for his removal from office.

Let's not wait for another scandal to unfold or for more taxpayer dollars to vanish into the bottom of a shot glass.

It's time to boot McCormick for good and ensure that our county is led by individuals who prioritize the public good over personal indulgence.

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