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BCC Greenlights Funding for South Walton Parking Solutions

In a pivotal decision, the Walton County Board of Commissioners (BCC) recently approved funding for crucial parking facilities in South Walton.

The Chief Financial Officer, Melissa Thomason, presented two funding proposals to the board, seeking approval for the Grayton Beach Parking Facility with a budget of $4,996,200 and the 393 Municipal Parking Facility with a budget of $2,077,700.

The combined sum of $7,073,900 will be seamlessly integrated into this year's budget.

The initiative aims to address the escalating parking challenges faced by both residents and visitors. Brian Kellenberger, the Director of Beach Operations for Walton County Tourism, elucidated on the comprehensive project.

These parking solutions have undergone meticulous planning, design, and permit processes over the past couple of years. One facility is slated for Hwy. 282, and the other is positioned at Hwy. 393.

Commissioner Donna Johns inquired about the projected number of additional parking spaces each facility would contribute.

Director Kellenberger specified that the Grayton project is set to deliver 168 parking spaces, while the Hwy. 393 facility will introduce 88 new spots.

Expressing her satisfaction with the forward momentum on parking relief projects, Commissioner Johns commended the efforts, stating, "I, for one, am really happy to see some parking (relief projects) going on, so I thank you for that. I appreciate it. I think it’s time."

The unanimous approval of the funding during the vote marks a significant step towards alleviating parking constraints in South Walton.

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