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Barbara Morano's Playground Predicament

Barbara Morano, District Five County Commissioner Candidate, has made quite the splash in recent meetings regarding the development of Walton County.

Known for her staunch opposition to drive-through restaurants and her unwavering demand for playgrounds in every development, Morano has certainly made her priorities clear.

In a recent Monday night meeting at the Freeport Comp Plan meeting for the Plan for 2040, Morano made her stance abundantly clear.

"We really need to have a playground," she exclaimed passionately. "As long as the development has a playground, I'm all for it."

It seems that Morano's former career as a school teacher has left a lasting impression, as she prioritizes the inclusion of recreational opportunities for children in every development project.

"Children are our future," she often declares, channeling her inner Whitney Houston.

However, Morano's unwavering stance on playgrounds has led to some comical moments in county meetings.

Reports suggest that she once stormed out of a meeting in a notorious hissy fit when her demand for a playground was not met.

While many residents appreciate Morano's dedication to children's recreation, some find her insistence on playgrounds in every development a bit overzealous.

"I mean, I like playgrounds as much as the next person, but do we really need one in every single development?" questioned one resident, shaking their head in disbelief.

Nevertheless, it seems that Morano's playground predicament is here to stay.

With two McDonald's locations set to open in Miramar Beach and Santa Rosa Beach, residents can rest assured that Morano will be keeping a watchful eye to ensure that a play place playground is included in the development.

As the debate over development and recreation continues to unfold in Walton County, one thing remains certain: Barbara Morano will always fight for the playgrounds, no matter what.

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One has to wonder, especially since Barbara is a closet Democrat, and then we think back to some of the past commissioners we have had, Barbara insisted on a playground/park, that would obviously only service an affordable housing project across from a Church, but it was way off the road, it would obviously be a place that I would not want my children to play in, because they could easily be taken, but Barbara would have known of it, she wanted the Playground, then she wanted to make sure it was properly advertised, we have already seen issues with form commissioners and even Sheriff's Deputy and the trouble they have controlling themselves, is Barbara's secret Democrat leanings, next thing, will…

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