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Barbara Morano Does the Dumbest Thing Possible—Again

In an astonishingly predictable move, Barbara Morano has once again managed to outdo herself in the realm of poor decision-making.

At a recent public meeting, about an hour into the discussion on a new potential sports complex, Morano did what many expected: she demonstrated her complete disdain for progress and the public's opinion.

After three years of extensive discussion and considering three prime sites for the sports complex, Morano declared she didn't want to hear from the public anymore.

This, of course, is the same Barbara Morano who has made a career out of opposing anything that remotely resembles progress in Walton County.

Imagine, if you will, a sports complex that could pay for itself and benefit the community for decades. Well, don't hold your breath, because if Morano gets her way, we might be waiting another 30 years before seeing any such development.

Her obstructionist stance threatens to derail a project that has garnered widespread support.

Morano’s actions are not just a personal embarrassment; they highlight the potential danger of her actually being elected as a commissioner.

It's clear she has no real platform or vision for the future of Walton County.

Instead, she seems to thrive on undoing the hard work and efforts of those who genuinely care about the community's progress.

One attendee at the meeting, Jane Patterson, remarked, "I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She outright dismissed the public's input after all these years of planning. It was like she was deliberately trying to sabotage the project."

To illustrate the point further, consider her stance on the beaches. For centuries, Walton County's beaches have been a public treasure.

Morano, however, supports their privatization—a move that blatantly disregards the will and needs of the county's residents. It’s the epitome of being out of touch.

While it's tempting to dismiss Morano as a mere joke, the fact remains that her presence in the political arena poses a serious threat.

Her alignment with figures like Alan Osborne and Suzanne Harris, who similarly oppose progress, only reinforces the notion that these individuals genuinely dislike Walton County and its residents.

Another resident, Tom Weaver, added, "Barbara Morano is the last person we need in a leadership role. She consistently opposes any form of progress and seems to take pleasure in holding our county back."

In public meetings, Morano’s proposals to undo projects that have long been in the works and have overwhelming support from the community are not just ill-conceived; they are an affront to the people of Walton County.

She consistently makes a fool of herself, showing she lacks the leadership qualities and foresight necessary for public office.

But let’s be clear: while Morano's chances of being elected may be slim, the mere possibility should concern every resident of Walton County.

If someone like Morano were ever to hold office, it would set the county back significantly. Her opposition to public beaches, her aversion to progress, and her sheer incompetence are glaring red flags.

This is not a trivial matter. The decision of 17,000 voters hangs in the balance, and it’s crucial that they understand the stakes. Walton County deserves better than Barbara Morano.

We deserve leaders who support public interest, progress, and community well-being.

In conclusion, while satire often highlights the absurd, in this case, it underscores a very real threat. Morano’s actions are a testament to her unsuitability for public office.

She is the embodiment of anti-progress and should be avoided at all costs.

Let's ensure that Walton County continues to move forward, not backwards, by making informed choices at the polls.

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1 Comment

This is a laughable hit piece and nothing other than drivel. As I was reading it I kept waiting for something substantial to hit other than the ad hominem attacks but it never came. Opposing the so-called "progress" which is actually unrelenting development aimed at simply fattening wallets and expanding the tax base is exactly the kind of conservation conservatives advocate on behalf of.

This article appears as if it was written by someone butt-hurt because they wont have a big payday after putting in hours trying to throw up a negligent development in the beautiful nature that has made "Walton Co's beaches such a public treasure". Sounds like that person didn't take the time to actually talk to residents.

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