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Barbara Morano and Brad Drake Unveil Their New Campaign Yard Signs

In a bid for simplicity and clarity, county commissioner candidates Barbara Morano and Brad Drake have revealed their latest campaign tactic: yard signs adorned with the unmistakable symbol of a no trespassing sign.

This choice may seem unconventional, but Morano and Drake are embracing it wholeheartedly as a representation of their stance on beach privatization.

The decision to feature the no trespassing sign reflects Morano and Drake's commitment to transparency and straightforwardness. "We want voters to know exactly where we stand," explained a campaign staffer. "And what better way to convey that message than with a universally recognized symbol?"

Beach privatization has emerged as a contentious issue in Walton County, and Morano and Drake have not shied away from voicing their support for limiting public access to the shoreline.

By prominently displaying the no trespassing sign on their campaign materials, they leave no room for doubt – they are fervent proponents of restricting public entry to the beaches.

This bold move has garnered both acclaim and criticism.

While some commend Morano and Drake for their unwavering convictions, others view it as a brazen affront to public interests. Nevertheless, in the realm of politics, resolutely standing by one's beliefs is often deemed commendable.

The next time you encounter a private no trespassing sign on the beach, take a moment to reflect on the underlying message.

And be sure to acknowledge Barbara Morano and Brad Drake for their steadfast dedication to preserving the beaches as private entities. To them, it's a matter of principle, even if it means sacrificing public access along the way.

Love them or loathe them, Morano and Drake are unapologetically making their mark in the political arena, boldly staking their claim in contentious territory.

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