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30A Coastal Dune Lakes Consider Filing Restraining Order Against Suzanne Harris

In a shocking turn of events, the esteemed Coastal Dune Lakes of 30A are reportedly contemplating filing a restraining order against none other than Suzanne Harris.

Yes, you heard it right – the very same Suzanne Harris who has become synonymous with controversy and chaos in our beloved community.

It seems that Suzanne's misadventures have reached new heights, as recent reports suggest that she got caught red-handed filling in one of the precious Coastal Dune Lakes.

Can you imagine the audacity?

These lakes, the jewels of our landscape, the envy of the world, subjected to such heinous acts by none other than Suzanne Harris.

In a statement that sent shockwaves through the dune lake community, one of the lakes was quoted as saying, "We are finally happy that someone has exposed this crazy lady after 20 years.

We've been living in fear for the last two decades.

Everybody admires us for our beauty, but they don't understand how endangered we are.

It's only so many times you can watch Cruella Deville drive-by in her Maserati before you have to do something about it.

Not all of our fellow lakes survived because of people like Suzanne Harris."

Indeed, it is a travesty that such a cherished natural treasure has fallen victim to the reckless actions of one individual.

But wait, it gets even more absurd – after being caught, Suzanne had the audacity to build a house on top of the filled-in lake!

The county rightfully intervened, forcing her to tear down the house, but sadly the dune lake did not survive.

And what does she do next?

She sues the county, of course, in true Suzanne Harris fashion.

In light of these egregious transgressions, the Coastal Dune Lakes are considering drastic measures to protect themselves from further harm.

They are contemplating filing a restraining order against Suzanne Harris, prohibiting her from coming within 20 feet of any existing dune lake.

It's a move born out of desperation, a last-ditch effort to safeguard their fragile existence from the clutches of Suzanne's destructive tendencies.

As the saga unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of preserving our natural wonders and holding individuals like Suzanne Harris accountable for their actions.

Let us stand united in defense of our Coastal Dune Lakes, ensuring that they remain untouched by the hands of those who would seek to harm them.

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